A Million Smiles

A Million Smiles

The first time that someone special looks at you and even before the introductions, smiles.

The first time a baby smiles at its mother.

The cheeky grin of a child trying to evade censor.

The warm, welcoming smile of a stranger.

The understanding smile of relief from a doctor.

The smile of thanks from a grateful survivor.

The smile of triumph from a winner.

The smile of acceptance from the winner ’s challenger.

The smile of bon voyage, au revoir, ciao, namaste …

The smile of goodbye from a life well lived.

Filmmaker, Mike Worsman, is undertaking an odyssey to try to work out the worth of a smile.

„How far can they reach? Is it easier to smile if we have a big home, nice car and 2.4 kids? Why is it children smile an average of 400 times a day, while adults manage just 15? What’s behind your grin? And, can a smile connect us all?“ he asks.

His journey will take him to the far corners of this planet as he explores the way of the smile and the reasons for its enduring popularity.

„Today, we take it for granted, but the sad truth is we’re smiling less at a time when we need to smile more. There are a million reasons why we smile and I want to capture a million smiles to show that every smile is priceless,“ said Mike.

His quest was sparked by the stark realisation that this oldest form of human connection was being under utilised in a time and place in history when we never had it so good.

„Australia is certainly the lucky country, but are we too busy counting our good fortune that we no longer have time to smile?“ asks Mike.

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